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Become a Volunteer

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Fiesta de Palmas is a 3 day event receiving over 60,000 attendees. This family friendly event features major attractions, historical displays, shopping, art, family games, rides and kids activities, cooking competitions and demonstrations, live entertainment, classic car show, diverse food and beverage. Our staff depends on the support of our volunteers to help us achieve the continued success of this wonderful event.

Below are some of the volunteer opportunities available for the annual Fiesta de Palmas:

*Please note the roles described below include but are not limited to the responsibilities listed.

Event Information Specialist (EIS)

The Event Information Specialist (EIS) is responsible for greeting and welcoming Fiesta de Palmas 2023 attendees. The EIS will interact with patrons and assist in providing maps, programs, and responding to frequently asked questions throughout the event grounds and designated areas. He or she will provide information such as performance times, restroom locations, transportation options, directions, etc.

Environmental Impact

The environmental impact volunteer will help to ensure an enjoyable Fiesta de Palmas experience by assisting in keeping the event grounds clean.Volunteer will be responsible for custodial type responsibilities. Supplies will be provided.

Costume Character

Costume characters interact with young Fiesta de Palmas attendees taking photos, high fives, and even a little dancing. There will be a fixed location for costume characters to pose for photos with patrons. Volunteer must be animated and enthusiastic! Costume is not too heavy and is made of a breathable fabric. Handlers provide support and escort costume characters at all times.

Costume Character Handler

The handler will provide support by assisting in meeting and greeting the public, looking after physical and safety needs and escorting the costume character at all times. Volunteer will speak to the public on behalf of character in a friendly and informative manner.Volunteer must be outgoing and energetic!

Lead Ticket Taker

The lead ticket taker will monitor all ticketed entrances. Must possess maturity to lead and assure all ticket takers are at their assigned location and assisting patrons. He or she is responsible to ensure that ticket takers are able to take breaks as needed and will answer frequently asked questions from attendees.Monitor that ticket takers are taking breaks as needed. Must be 18 or older.

Ticket Taker

The ticket taker will assist patrons with securing their wristband as they enter the event venue and answer frequently asked questions.

Social Media Representative

The social media representative will be a part of the social media team by capturing responses to the guest experience.Volunteer will invite guests to participate in photo opportunities to be shared on social media.

Sponsorship Relationship Manager

Responsible for sponsorship relationship activities and works closely with festival sponsors to ensure an exemplary event experience. Actively ensures clear communication flow with sponsors by acting as connection point between sponsor and festival coordinators on event day. Will assist festival coordinators in ensuring business partners effectively achieve assigned performance objectives. Must be 18 or older.

Stage Runner

The stage runner will work under the direction of the Entertainment Coordinator and Stage Manager to undertake basic tasks required to ensure the smooth execution of the performances throughout the show day.

Survey (Surveyor) Taker

A job for people who like talking to people. The festival needs feedback from visitors for future attendee outreach enhancement and to help us find out how we can improve the event.

Vendor Relations Representative

Volunteer will provide vendor assistance by helping vendors find their assigned location on the festival grounds and assisting them in additional needs they may have for easy and simple set-ups.

Volunteer Services

Volunteer Services is responsible for supporting the Volunteer Coordinators with check-in and filling gaps as needed. Will help fellow volunteers with check-in during both orientations and event days. Distribute volunteer t-shirts, water bottles, and ID’s. Volunteer will also create a welcoming space for volunteers to pick up a refreshment in headquarters room. Keep the space tidy and pick up trash regularly. Ensure that all items are replenished accordingly.

For more information please contact:

Fiesta de Palmas Volunteer Coordinator

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